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         Resilient Marketing Inc. is a provider of custom-molded open cast polyurethanes. Polyurethane is a large "family" of petroleum based materials which includes castable elastomers, foams, adhesives, sealants and a variety of other products. We use the castable elastomers to manufacture products that are suitable for use in a wide range of commercial, industrial and other applications.

         Castable elastomers are made by mixing and pouring together two liquids, a prepolymer and a curative. These two liquids are blended, either by hand or through a processing machine, poured into a mold and allowed to cure into a final shape. The major characteristic of these materials is that they have extraordinary physical properties - they are actually engineered materials and are chosen for use on the basis of these properties. High abrasion and tear resistance, toughness and load-bearing ability make castable urethanes ideal materials for many applications that test or exceed the limits of other materials. These four properties, although not the only outstanding properties of castable urethanes, are the ones that most often make them stand out above other materials in many applications.

         Even though polyurethanes are generally more expensive that rubbers and plastics (at the raw material level), they are often more cost effective due to extended service life and maintenance intervals. Tooling is also far more economical for open cast polyurethanes when compared to rubber or plastic items that require injection mold production systems, resulting in overall product cost advantages, especially for low quantity requirements.


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